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Asian Bridge gives you details on the prerequisites, application process, schedule, and other details for applying for and extending a Hong Kong working visa.

Application for Working Visa in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has put in place a work permit system dubbed "Employment for Professionals" for employing qualified workers from abroad. The eligibility requirements, application methods, processing times, and other specific information on the Hong Kong work visa application as well as for upcoming working visa renewals are provided here.

It is not possible for foreigners who want to work in Hong Kong to do so without the proper documentation. You must have successfully applied for an employment visa before traveling to Hong Kong if you want to lawfully work or get training for a job there.

Assisting you with the job visa application process

You may get comprehensive and current information about applying for Hong Kong employment visas from Asian Bridge Consulting, a working visa firm in Hong Kong. You are welcome to get tips from our knowledgeable consultants on how to get ready for the Hong Kong work visa application. Once you get in touch with us, our advisers will do all in their power to help you with the initial application procedure and, if necessary, working visa renewals. Along with an explanation of the justifications for the requested papers, a document checklist will be provided.

Our specialists at the working visa service will walk you through each stage, from gathering the necessary paperwork to completing the application forms, and our A competent staff will assume responsibility for meticulously handling the administrative work involved in the procedure.

A foundation

Applicants must be qualified and eligible, have a strong educational background or specific qualifications, and should possess unique skills, knowledge, or experience of value to the local economy that may not be readily available in Hong Kong in order to have the best chance of ultimately being approved.

There is presently no quota system in place that would restrict the volume of employment visas or working visa extensions granted under the program. Applications and requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, with the relevant department evaluating both the applicant's and the hiring organization's qualifications.

A successful candidate for a work visa is often granted permission to work in Hong Kong for a duration of two years, with the possibility of renewal beyond that.

Who may submit an application for a working visa in Hong Kong?

It is recommended that all candidates meet the following eligibility requirements, regardless of whether they are applying on their own behalf or with a working visa agency in Hong Kong:

No security concerns or criminal histories

possess a solid educational foundation. (Normally, having at least an undergraduate degree in the pertinent subject is preferred, but written documentation of excellent technical skills, pertinent professional abilities, achievements, and experience may also be accepted.)

  • There is a real opening at the hiring company.
  • It is guaranteed that you will receive a job offer, and the position matches your educational background or professional experience.
  • The local staff is unable to take up the position with ease.
  • The compensation package specifies pay, living/accommodation arrangements, medical benefits, and other perks in accordance with the local market norms in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's working visa requirements

Possessing a job offer may be the most difficult aspect of obtaining a Hong Kong employment visa. However, once you've done that, obtaining an employment visa is not particularly difficult, and afterwards renewing a working visa should be easy.

You must submit an application for a Work Visa under the General Employment Policy if you intend to relocate to Hong Kong for employment. Under the GEP program, a work visa is only granted for a predetermined period of time. You must have a work offer that has been accepted in order to be eligible for the GEP scheme, and the employer issuing the offer letter must be willing to sponsor your Work Visa application.

Documents required for a Hong Kong working visa

You must provide a statement from your employer in Hong Kong outlining the open position when you apply for a working visa. If you fulfill the requirements listed below, the Immigration Department is more likely to evaluate your application for a work visa favorably:

  1. You have solid academic credentials, such as a graduate degree, as well as the required abilities and work history for the position in issue.
  2. Your abilities and credentials will enable you to make a contribution to the Hong Kong economy.
  3. Your employer can demonstrate that no locals were available who were qualified for the position.

Application materials:

You must submit the following paperwork before working with our working visa firm to apply for a working visa:

  • A fully filled out application. For instance, you must submit the form ID 990A if you are applying under the GEP plan.
  • Including recent passport-size photos to the application.
  • your Hong Kong identity card, copied (if any).
  • A copy of your academic transcripts and resume for any related employment.

Documents aimed for employers:

The following are the records that your employer must provide:

  1. A finished ID 990B application form for hiring experts in Hong Kong.
  2. A duplicate of the employment contract or letter of appointment from the candidate Details on the position, pay, duration of work, and any other employee benefits offered should be included in the letter or contract.
  3. A duplicate of the certificate of business registration.
  4. A duplicate of the financial standing document. The most recent audited financial report, a profit tax return, or a trading profit and loss account can be examples of this.
  5. Documents containing background data on the business. Information on the method of operation, business activities, product line, sources, market, etc., should be included in the documents.
  6. A business plan might also be required if your company is less than a year old.

Admission of Dependents

You may bring your spouse (of the same gender or the opposite gender) and dependant children under the age of 18 with you to Hong Kong if you have been granted entrance under the General Employment Scheme. The applicant submitting a GEP application must sponsor any accompanying dependents.

According to prior working visa agency experience, your dependant application might be given favorable consideration if:

  • You offer proof of an actual connection between the sponsor and the dependents.
  • Your dependents don't have any criminal histories that could harm them.
  • You have enough money to keep your dependents comfortable and financially supported in Hong Kong.
  • The steps and timetable for applying for a work visa

In accordance with the advice of our consultant, the candidate and the hiring organization can create the necessary papers. The application must be submitted in person or by mail to the Hong Kong Immigration Department after all needed documents has been prepared.

Extensions and renewals of working visas for Hong Kong

If a person with a valid working visa in Hong Kong wants to continue his or her career there and the employment circumstances in Hong Kong are maintained, they may apply for working visa extensions or renewals. The initial work visa is typically valid for 24 months (2 years), and applicants are recommended to apply for a working visa renewal in Hong Kong no later than 4 weeks before to the existing visa's scheduled expiration date.

If your application for a Hong Kong working visa extension or renewal is approved, you will typically receive a new working visa extension visa with a three-year validity period. This can be done easily through your existing employer.

Please be aware that the working visa for Hong Kong will automatically expire at the end of the passport's validity period, thus it is essential to confirm the passport's expiration date before submitting an application for a working visa renewal in Hong Kong. You can apply for a passport renewal at the relevant embassy in Hong Kong if your passport is not past due.