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Hong Kong offers overseas employers an immigration program called the training visa. Find out what you need to be knowledgeable about and ready for before applying.

Application for a Hong Kong Training Visa

For businesses that want to bring a foreign national to Hong Kong for a period of 6 to 12 months to obtain a specified training schedule, the training visa in Hong Kong is a fantastic immigration scheme.

A subset of the work visa, the training visa is intended for people who must go to Hong Kong to get training in skills linked to their current employment or for international students participating in an internship. However, before beginning the application process, you must be aware of and well-prepared for a number of requirements and restrictions related to the training visa.

A foundation

In Hong Kong, training visas are relatively simple to obtain with the proper paperwork. The accreditation test for training visas is based on whether the applicant's home country is sponsoring the subject's original form or not, and the scope and length of the training must generally be regarded as reasonable in all circumstances.

Scope and timetable for the intended training

The applicant's maximum stay length under a training visa for Hong Kong is 12 months, albeit it is typically only granted for 6 months. The scope and timetable of the training plan that is given in the application will determine the final approved length of stay in full.

The major objective of this sort of visa is to provide applicants with a means of traveling to Hong Kong in order to get specialized education and training, both of which must be received from the Hong Kong-based employer. The scope of the relationship need not be predetermined. The Department of Immigration, however, is of the opinion that there is a logical connection between the parties submitting such applications and the Hong Kong-based businesses that will ultimately carry out or provide the training locally.

As a result, it can be claimed that the training plan included in the application is crucial and acts as the procedure's most crucial piece of paperwork. It not only establishes the basis for granting a specific person a visa but also, in large part, establishes the length of stay. Therefore, in order for a training visa application to have any chance of being approved, a properly created and comprehensive training plan must be included.

Qualifications for a Hong Kong training visa

The following criteria must be met to be eligible:

  1. The applicant should not have a criminal background and should not have any security concerns.
  2. Both the applicant's and the sponsoring organization's qualifications must be sufficient.
  3. The organization supporting the applicant must be a reputable one that is able to fund the training.
  4. A written agreement between the candidate and the sponsoring business is required.

The sponsoring organization must provide a written guarantee that the applicant will receive training on the grounds of the organization and will return to their home country following the training session. Additionally, the applicant's upkeep and repatriation must be handled by the company.

The suggested training program's length and substance must be justified.

Can dependents be listed on the application for a training visa?

Under the current dependant policy, it is permissible to include your spouse or partner and dependent children under the age of 18 on the training visa for Hong Kong.

Your request to list your dependents will be given consideration if

  • You can demonstrate that your relationship with your dependent is sincere by offering supporting documentation. For instance, you might be required to submit a marriage certificate if you want to include your spouse on your application for a training visa.
  • The dependent must have no negative records.
  • You must be able to support your dependents financially and give them a place to live in Hong Kong.

Extensions of the Hong Kong training visa

It can be challenging to obtain a training visa extension because the Hong Kong Immigration Service has specified rules and very precise justifications for giving permissions initially. Therefore, it is essential to submit a training visa application in which the entire training plan can be completed, with all of its specified scope and activities, and in which the next necessary staying period will typically not be granted for up to 12 months.

It is typically not possible to extend the approved visa after the initial training period ends, and visa holders are required to leave Hong Kong and return to their home country after its expiration. This is because the training visa only permits the applicant to come to Hong Kong for specific training.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while training visa holders are still in Hong Kong, their accompanying family members are permitted and eligible to obtain primary and safe dependent visas.