Hong Kong Investment Visa

Despite Hong Kong being one of the largest financial hubs in the world, few investment visas are actually granted each year. In comparison to the 25,000 work visas granted annually in Hong Kong, only about 200 – 300 approvals were recorded for investments visas.
However, the seemingly low number of Hong Kong investment visa approvals does not necessarily reflect a low interest from foreign nationals in taking part in the Hong Kong economy, but rather it is a reflection of the difficulty in acquiring such approval for an investment visa in Hong Kong among all the other types of Hong Kong SAR visas.
Despite this, a large recorded number of foreign nationals are still willing to explore the prosperous business opportunities offered by the Hong Kong market after acknowledging the challenges to obtain the required visa, and the Director of Immigration actively encourages various international firms to participate in the Hong Kong SAR economy.

Requirements for Hong Kong investment visa applications

Typically, Hong Kong business investment visas need at least a period of four to six months to get approved, unlike the typical six to eight weeks required for work visas. This is mainly to provide sufficient time for the authorities to ensure that the new prospective business can achieve stable early commercial results, and it also allows the Hong Kong Immigration Department to fully appraise the validity of the company’s submitted business plan, with tangible implementation of business activities.
While the Hong Kong Immigration Department expects the business to operate well, only a few Hong Kong investment visas are granted based on a sound business plan. In many cases, the approvals are limited to medium to large sized foreign corporations that are extending their operations into Hong Kong.
The predicament here lies in the fact that one cannot participate in operating a business locally until the Hong Kong Immigration Department first approves of the business. It can be quite hard for an application to be approved if the Hong Kong Immigration Department cannot assess the business’ contribution to the Hong Kong economy. However in some cases, if an individual has already submitted a Hong Kong Investment Visa application, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will tend to overlook this technical breach of the conditions of running a brand new business before actually having their visa application approved beforehand.

Important notes

Individuals are technically not allowed to operate and start the business before they have submitted the Hong Kong Investment visa application and obtained approval. Thus, to prevent any possible prosecution by the authorities, an application that has a chance to be approved should allow the Hong Kong Immigration Department to have a clear early view of the prospective activities, and sign for the approval of the Hong Kong Business Investment visa in the application process.
Not only will the authorities assess in detail whether your dedication to your business and the economy of Hong Kong is strong enough and authentic, applicants should also prove that there is sufficient capital to fulfill your stated business plans, and your personal qualifications meet the Department’s requirements as well. If the Department deems you are eligible, and that all requirements are fulfilled, it can be said that it will be very unlikely that they will have grounds to reject your application.

Applying for a Hong Kong investment visa

All applicants are advised to provide honest documentation during the Hong Kong investment visa application process. The application itself with supporting documents should be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department by post.
Should your application be successfully approved, the applicant or an authorized representative is required to go to the designated Immigration Office in-person to collect the visa/entry permit label. In the event that your application is rejected, there are procedures to allow for the applicant to submit an appeal to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

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