1. Our Services
The vision and mission of Asian Bridge Consulting is to provide a simplified solution in applying all types of Hong Kong visa. The entire visa application process is escorted with customer-oriented and professional manner, all the way – from application submission to renewal reminders. Believing in our expertise and experience, Asian Bridge Consulting is here giving words in providing our valuable clients a seamless service – Keeping things SIMPLE yet WELL-DONE

2. Your Benefits
Every successful visa application is done in a simple, timely and cost-efficient way. By working with us, we can assure you that you will have a greater chance to have your application approved.

3. Let’s find out which Visa fits you!

  • Working Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Mainland Talents & Professional
  • Working Holiday
  • APEC Business Travel Card
  • China Visa in HK for Foreigners
  • Investment as Entrepreneurs
  • Student Visa
  • Change of Sponsorship of Employment Visa
  • Change of Status Applications
  • Non-Local Graduates (IANG)
  • All Visa Extension
  • Application Reconsideration and Appeal

TEL : +852-2772-2128  MAIL : cs3@asianbridgeconsulting.com

TEL : +852-2772-2128
MAIL : cs3@asianbridgeconsulting.com