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Arrangement of immigration for non-local graduates: Iang Visa Hong Kong

Meta Description: Iang visa Hong Kong or iang visa extension encourages non-local graduates for the opportunities to work as professionals or stay in Hong kong.

Iang visa application helps many non-local graduates to fulfill their dreams and stay in hong kong to find the desired job and work as a professional. There are lots of advantages of iang visa hong kong that includes:

• Stay of non-local graduates up to 12 months in Hong Kong with or without a job and they can also apply for an iang visa extension if the tenure ends.

• Iang visa extension is applicable conveniently depending on terms of employment.

• A simple and smooth iang visa application procedure is followed for the ease of non-local graduates.

Who can apply for iang visa application?

The applicant applying for iang visa application should fall in the following category:

• An individual who is residing in hong kong with a student visa/entry permit or has graduated from iang can apply for iang visa application.

• Candidates applying for iang visa hong kong must have proof of graduation under iang while applying for iang visa application.

What are the documents needed for iang visa hong kong?

To ensure that iang visa application process runs smoothly, you must have the following supporting documents:

• Iang visa application form must be filled in correctly and with original information. 

• Attach the current photograph of yours in iang visa application. 

• Photocopy of travel documents e.g., passport, which includes personal information like name, address, date of birth, date of expiry with your iang visa application. 

• A photocopy of Hong Kong’s identity card is needed for smooth approval of iang visa application.

• A photocopy of all credentials of your graduate or undergraduate program while applying iang visa application or iang visa extension.  

What is the expected time for the approval of iang visa application approval?

Generally, the process of iang visa hong kong or iang visa extension starts immediately after applying iang visa application hong kong with all the desired documents. But, it takes almost two weeks after iang visa application verification for non-local fresh graduates. While it takes 4 weeks for the iang visa application to go onboard for non-local graduates. Same is for iang visa extension.

All iang visa application and iang visa extension is approved and determined by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, and the iang visa Hong Kong follows all the government policies of Hong Kong. 

How many times can an applicant apply for iang visa extension Hong Kong?

Well, iang doesn’t restrict the number of times non-local graduates from applying iang visa Hong Kong or iang visa extension. For instance, a non-local graduate is working in Hong Kong under iang visa Hong Kong and after that left Hong Kong, but they can again apply for a iang visa Hong Kong with a smooth procedure of iang visa application or iang visa extension.

Moreover, the individuals who are under iang visa hong kong can apply for another job or work during their stay in hong kong or can also apply for iang visa extension within 4 weeks of completion of their terms of iang visa hong kong. 

Who can apply for iang visa extension?

Initially, after getting iang visa hong kong the non-local graduates can stay up to 12 months without other conditions. However, it is important to apply for a iang visa extension with all original personal credentials with your iang visa application within four weeks before ending your current iang visa hong kong. 

Moreover, while applying for an iang visa extension, the applicants must have secured employment whose salary package, remuneration, etc., is competitive with the market rate of Hong Kong. 

For individuals who have a business or joined a venture in hong kong have to submit proof of their business establishments and operations while applying for iang visa extension. 

You can contact Asian Bridge Consultant for all matters of iang visa hong kong, iang visa application, or iang visa extension. We have a team of experts and consultants who can make your way easy while applying for iang visa Hong Kong. 


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IANG Visa for Hong Kong

The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has designed a global talent immigration scheme called Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) visa to encourage non-local graduates to become residence pass talent and work as professionals in Hong Kong.

According to the rules for IANG, non-local students who have earned a degree or higher education certification from a full-time local program authorized in Hong Kong, can enjoy the option of applying for stay (or return) and work in Hong Kong. The IANG visa application is quota-free and non-sector specific. The IANG scheme does not apply to nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Republic of Korea, Nepal and Vietnam.

IANG visa application

Graduates who wish to submit an IANG visa application in Hong Kong, but have not yet received an official certificate from their institution can submit an application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for Hong Kong professional recruitment using Form ID990A. As a supporting document for your application, a Letter of Certification issued by the university or institution must be included. Typically, a prospective graduate can apply for the Letter of Certification at the academic regulations or records office of their enrolled university or institution.

Alternatively, all non-local graduates can submit their IANG visa application within six months after their date of graduation, which is the date shown on the Letter of Certification or Certificate of Graduation, to retain their categorization as fresh graduates. As per the regulations, all fresh graduates can submit an application to stay and work in Hong Kong without having actually secured an offer of employment at the time of application. All IANG visa applicants who meet the current normal immigration requirements may be approved to stay for a period of 12 months with no conditions, except for this maximum duration of stay.


IANG supporting documents needed

To ensure a smooth application process, the supporting documents for an IANG visa application should include the following:


  • Correctly filled application forms
  • A current/latest photograph of the applicant.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s valid travel document (eg: passports) containing personal information particulars, date of issue, date of expiry and/or details of any re-entry permit held (if applicable).
  • For an applicant who is currently staying in Hong Kong, a photocopy of your valid travel document page containing the latest arrival stamp, landing slip, extension of stay label in Hong Kong is required.
  • For residents of Mainland China who have not been issued with a travel document, they can submit a photocopy of their Republic of China resident identity card.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s Hong Kong identity card (if applicable).
  • A Photocopy of transcripts, academic records, graduation certificate or an official supporting letter from the degree awarding university or institution, clearly showing the applicant’s attainment of undergraduate or higher qualification certification in a full-time and locally-accredited program in Hong Kong.


Timeline for approval

In general, the process for applying for an IANG visa in Hong Kong takes about two weeks to process after being submitted by non-local fresh graduates, and all the required documents are received by the department. For non-local graduates, it usually takes approximately four weeks.

All applications are processed and determined by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong. The approval of applications is entirely discretionary and may be subject to changes in latest government policies.


IANG visa extensions in Hong Kong

Individuals who are able to obtain the work permit under the IANG scheme will generally be granted an initial stay period of 12 months without other conditions. They have to apply for an IANG visa extension of stay in Hong Kong within four weeks before their initial maximum limit of stay expires. Upon applying for IANG visa extension, non-local graduates are required to have secured an offer of employment which is at a level commonly taken up by degree holders and the remuneration package is at market level. For those individuals who have established or joined a business venture in Hong Kong are required to submit proof of their business establishment and operations along with their IANG visa extension Hong Kong application.

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