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Navigating the HK Working Visa Application process with Ease

When it comes to embarking on a new professional journey in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, securing a working visa is often the first and foremost step. Understanding the intricacies of the "HK working visa application," "working visa Hong Kong," "work visa application Hong Kong," and "HK working visa" can significantly simplify the process. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key aspects of obtaining your work visa in Hong Kong.

1.Working Visa Hong Kong: An Overview

To work legally in Hong Kong, foreign nationals must obtain a "Working Visa Hong Kong." This visa is essential for individuals seeking employment opportunities in this dynamic metropolis. Understanding the application process is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition into the Hong Kong workforce.

2.Eligibility Criteria for HK Working Visa

Before diving into the "HK working visa application," it's essential to ascertain whether you meet the eligibility criteria. Generally, you must have secured a job offer from a Hong Kong-based employer and possess the necessary qualifications and skills.

3.HK Working Visa Application process

The "HK working visa application" process involves several steps, from gathering the required documents to submitting your application. This procedure is designed to ensure that foreign workers coming to Hong Kong are genuinely qualified and equipped to contribute to the city's economy.

4.Document Checklist for Work Visa Application Hong Kong

To avoid delays or complications in your "work visa application Hong Kong," it's crucial to prepare a comprehensive document checklist. This should typically include your passport, employment contract, educational certificates, and any other relevant documents.

5.Work Visa Hong Kong: processing Time

The processing time for a "work visa Hong Kong" application can vary depending on factors such as the volume of applications and the completeness of your documentation. Being patient during this stage is essential, as it can take several weeks.

6.Navigating Work Visa Application Challenges

Sometimes, applicants encounter challenges during the "HK working visa application" process. These could include discrepancies in documentation or other unforeseen issues. Seeking assistance from immigration professionals or legal experts can be beneficial in resolving such hurdles.

7.Extending Your HK Working Visa

Once you've successfully obtained your "HK working visa," you may need to think about its renewal. preparing in advance and adhering to immigration regulations is key to ensuring a smooth extension process.

8.Importance of Compliance

Adherence to Hong Kong's immigration laws is paramount. Violating the terms of your "working visa Hong Kong" can lead to serious consequences, including deportation and future visa restrictions.

Navigating the "HK working visa" landscape may seem daunting, but with the right information and preparation, it can be a straightforward process. By following the "working visa Hong Kong" guidelines and understanding the "work visa application Hong Kong" procedures, you'll be on your way to embarking on a successful professional journey in this bustling city. Remember, staying informed and compliant is the key to a seamless experience when it comes to securing and extending your HK working visa.

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Hong Kong working visa application and extension - Asian Bridge

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Hong Kong Working Visa Application

Hong Kong has established a work permit system in place for hiring skilled employees from overseas, called “Employment for Professionals”. Here below, you may find out the eligibility requirements, application procedures, processing timeline, and other detailed information about the work visa application in Hong Kong, as well as for working visa renewals Hong Kong.

For foreign individuals who intend to work in Hong Kong, it is not possible for them to do so without an appropriate visa. In order to legally work, or receive training related to work in Hong Kong, legally you must have successfully applied for an employment visa before you arrive.

Guiding you through the employment visa process

Asian Bridge Consulting, as a working visa agency in Hong Kong, is here to provide you with detailed and up-to-date information regarding the application for Hong Kong Employment Visas. Please feel free to contact our expert consultants for advice on how to prepare for the work visa application for Hong Kong. Once you get in touch with us, our consultants will try their very best to assist you through the initial application process and working visa renewals if required. A document checklist will be provided along with an explanation of the reasons for the documents requested.

Our working visa agency team will guide you every step, from preparing the documentation to filling in the application forms, and our professional team will take responsibility in handling the administrative work involved in the process diligently.


The basics

For the best chances for eventual approval, applicants must be both qualified and eligible, with a good educational background or specific qualifications, and should possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to the local economy that may not be readily available in Hong Kong.

As currently established, there is no quota system in place that would place a limit on the number of employment visas or working visa renewals issued under the scheme. Applications and requests are processed on a case-by-case basis, by assessing the qualifications of the applicant, as well as those of the employing company by the relevant department.

A successful applicant of the work visa application is normally allowed to work in Hong Kong for a period of 2 years initially, and the work visa is normally renewable after that.

Who is eligible to apply for a Hong Kong working visa? 

Whether you are applying on your own behalf or with the assistance of a working visa agency in Hong Kong, it is advised that all applicants should fulfil the eligibility criteria as below:

  • No criminal records or security objections
  • Have a good educational background. (Normally, it is desirable to have at least an undergraduate degree in the relevant field, but documentary evidence of good technical qualifications, relevant professional abilities, achievements and experience may be acceptable as well.)
  • There is genuine job vacancy at the employing company
  • A confirmed employment offer is guaranteed, and the job matches your academic qualifications or working experience
  • The job cannot be readily taken up by the local workforce
  • The remuneration package stipulates income, living/accommodation arrangements, medical and other fringe benefits that are in line with the prevailing market standards in Hong Kong.

Working Visa Hong Kong requirements

The trickiest part of getting a Hong Kong Employment Visa is perhaps securing a job offer. However, once you do that, getting an Employment Visa is not very complicated, and subsequent working visa renewals should be quite straightforward.

If you move to Hong Kong for work, you will need to apply for a Work Visa under the General Employment Policy. A Work Visa under the GEP scheme is only issued for a stipulated amount of time. To qualify for the GEP scheme, you need to have a confirmed job offer, and the company that has issued the offer letter should be willing to sponsor your Work Visa application.

Documents you will need for your Working Visa Hong Kong

When applying for a Working Visa, you need to include a statement from your employer in Hong Kong providing details of the open position. The Immigration Department is more likely to view your Work Visa application favourably if you meet the below conditions:

  • You have good educational credentials, such as a graduate degree, and the necessary skills and work experience for the job in question.
  • Your skills and qualifications will help you contribute to the Hong Kong economy.
  • Your employer is able to prove that they could not find any local suitable for the job.


Documents for applicants:

Before starting the process with our working visa agency, the documents that you need to submit for a Working Visa are:

  • A completed application form. For instance, if you are applying under the GEP scheme, you need to submit the form ID 990A.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs affixed on the application form.
  • A copy of your Hong Kong identity card (if any).
  • A copy of your educational transcripts and relevant work experience.


Documents for employers:

Here are the documents that your employing company needs to submit:

  • A completed application form for employing professionals in Hong Kong ID 990B.
  • A copy of the letter of appointment or the employment contract with the applicant. The letter or contract should contain details about the job, salary, period of employment, and any other employee benefits offered.
  • A copy of the business registration certificate.
  • A copy of evidence of financial standing. This could include the latest audited financial report, profit tax return, or trading profit and loss account.
  • Documents that provide information regarding the company’s background. The documents should include information such as mode of operation, business activities, product range, sources and market etc.
  • If your company is less than a year old, you may also need to submit a business plan.

Entry for Dependents

If you have been allowed entry under the General Employment Scheme, you are allowed to bring your spouse (same or opposite gender) and dependent children under 18 years with you to Hong Kong. The applicant applying under the GEP needs to sponsor their accompanying dependents.

In our working visa agency’s past experience, your dependent application may be favourably considered if:

  • You provide evidence of a genuine relationship between the sponsor and the dependents.
  • Your dependents have no previous record that could be detrimental to them.
  • You have sufficient funds to financially support your dependents and provide suitable accommodation to them in Hong Kong.


Procedures and timeline of a work visa application

The applicant and the employing company can prepare the required documentation in accordance with our consultant’s guidance. After having prepared the necessary documentation required, the application can then be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department, which must be done in person or by post.

Under normal circumstances, the processing of a work visa application by the Immigration Department takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes the Immigration Department may request for further documentation to support the case if necessary.

Once your work visa application in Hong Kong has been approved, a visa/entry permit label will then be issued to the applicant and it must be attached on a blank page inside the applicant’s passport, and be properly presented to the immigration officer upon arrival in Hong Kong.

Please note that most work visas in Hong Kong issued are initially valid for a period of 2 years. Alternatively, if the application was unsuccessful or rejected, there are procedures in place where an appeal can be filed with the relevant authorities.


Working visa extensions/renewals for Hong Kong

Working visa extensions or renewal applications can be submitted by the holder of a valid working visa in Hong Kong who wishes to continue his/her career in Hong Kong, if their employment conditions in Hong Kong are continued as well. Normally, the first issued work visa will be valid for 24 months (2 years), and applicants are advised to apply for a working visa renewal in Hong Kong within 4 weeks before the current visa is set to expire.

Upon a successful Hong Kong working visa extension or renewal application, normally you will be issued with a new working visa extension visa that is valid for 3 years, and can be done so quite conveniently through your current employer.

Please take note that the working visa for Hong Kong will automatically expire in accordance with the validity period of the passport, and it is fundamental to check the expiration date of the passport before applying for working visa renewals in Hong Kong. If your passport is not overdue, you may apply for a passport renewal at the relevant embassy in Hong Kong.

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