Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) in Hong Kong

What is an ASMTP visa for Hong Kong?

The Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) targets residents of Mainland China who possess special skills, as well as valued knowledge or experience, which are not prevalent or readily available within the existing workforce in Hong Kong.
In summary, the ASMTP visa is specially-designed for eligible, talented Chinese residents to apply to work in Hong Kong for a set period. The number of applications under the current scheme does not have an upper limit. Also, talents and professionals of the Mainland from any business sector can be eligible to apply.
However, it must be noted that Chinese residents from the Mainland who graduated with an undergraduate degree or higher qualification verification from a locally-accredited full-time program in Hong Kong, cannot obtain a work permit under the ASMTP. Instead, their option is to apply for a working type visa under other existing schemes, for instance under the IANG^.


Hong Kong as an international city that has policies in place to attract qualified talents and professionals from the Mainland to work and stay in Hong Kong, in order to keep the city dynamic and competitive. To maintain this, the Hong Kong Immigration Department has set up the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) to attract especially the eligible applicants from the Mainland to contribute their skills and knowledge to a better future of our local economy.
Talents and professionals that are approved under the ASMTP visa scheme are expected to be able to make tangible contributions and facilitate the operation of the employing company in Hong Kong as well as having a positive effect on related sectors.

Guiding you through the ASMTP visa process

Asian Bridge Consulting is very experienced in handling Hong Kong ASMTP visas for Mainland residents and has kept a very high successful rate in getting approved ASMTP visa applications in the past.
Our expertise works to your benefit from the very beginning to the final stage of submission and collection of your approved visa. We successfully minimize the total time you will need to devote to the application process to let you concentrate on your business affairs. Harnessing our wealth of experience in this field, our team has designed a personalized document list for every applicant in order to make sure that the application goes as smooth as possible, by fulfilling the requirements of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Eligibility for ASMTP in Hong Kong

Mainland talents and professionals can apply for the ASMTP visa if he or she is considered to possess high education qualifications or has a decent educational background. Only those applicants that possess special skills, technical qualifications or direct relevant experience and knowledge within the sector he or she will be employed in will be approved.
Also, before the start of the application, an eligible person needs to have a confirmed offer of employment from within Hong Kong, which effectively means that a valid employment contract should be presented to the Immigration Department along with the application. The employing company in Hong Kong should also ensure for the applicant that there is a genuine job vacancy within their company, and that such a vacancy cannot be readily taken up by members of the local workforce.
To summarize, if the below basic criteria fits your case, you will likely be eligible to apply for a work visa under the ASMTP:

  • The applicant is a Chinese resident currently living in the Mainland China
  • The applicant is highly educated, or possesses special skills, technical qualifications, relevant experience and knowledge in a specific field
  • The applicant already possesses a confirmed offer of employment in Hong Kong
  • There is a genuine job vacancy
  • Such a vacancy cannot be readily taken up by local labor of Hong Kong

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^ Non-local students who have obtained an undergraduate degree or higher qualification from a full-time and locally-accredited program from within Hong Kong, can consider applying to stay or return for employment in Hong Kong under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) scheme.

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