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The bridge between you and the city of Hong Kong
Asian Bridge Visa Services The Consulting Bridge Between You and the City of Hong Kong Asian Bridge Visa Services The Consulting Bridge Between You and the City of Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is well-known as a city that offers unique opportunities and a desirable lifestyle. Enjoying a strategic location, this tiny city that is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, acts as an international financial and logistics hub, and it welcomes talents, professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world to work and stay, every day.

Why should you live and work in Hong Kong? Here are a few reasons why living and working in Hong Kong is a great idea, and how our visa agency can make the whole visa application or extension process easier.

Hong Kong visa applications made easy

As a matter of policy, expatriates need a valid Hong Kong visa in order to work and stay here. It is fundamental to hold an appropriate visa for every different purpose of stay. Working through the complexities of Immigration Department regulations and procedures, and handling all the paperwork is never an easy task. We as a visa agency are here to ease your burden; we can be your one-stop agent solution and our professional consultation allows you to fully understand the visa application in Hong Kong.

Employing companies who would like to employ expatriates to join their business are more often than not preoccupied with their business affairs mostly. Upon meeting a talented expatriate, it is not rare to see them struggling to find the time and resources to prepare for the application process, and work through them step by step.

As an experienced visa agency in HK that has successfully worked with numerous business and international professionals through the years with their visa applications to Hong Kong, Asian Bridge is here to offer its expertise by tackling this precise problem. Our visa agency helps by shortening the application time and simplifying the necessary procedures in order to bring expatriate talents on board as soon as possible, so that they in turn can help your business move forward.

We provide a full range of all possible visa services in Hong Kong as a company, from the preparation stage of visa application to various visa extensions, just leave the task to Asian Bridge and we will make everything easy and smooth by doing our best to obtain the required visa/entry permit on behalf of you or your business.

Our advantages in Hong Kong visa services

Since the establishment of our visa agency in HK, the vision and mission of Asian Bridge Consulting is to provide a professional and simplified solution for our discerning clients in applying all types of Hong Kong visas. We have designed the scope of our company’s visa services in Hong Kong so that the whole visa application process, from start to finish, is carried out with a customer-oriented and diligent manner. All the way from initial application submission to visa extensions in Hong Kong, our clients placed their trust in our unique expertise and experience. Asian Bridge Consulting is here to provide our visa agency’s valuable clients with a comprehensive, seamless service – We keep things SIMPLE, yet WELL-DONE.

The benefits for you, and your company

Every successful visa application or visa extension in Hong Kong is always done in a simple, timely and cost-efficient way. By working with us, we can assure you that you will have a greater chance to have your visa’s Hong Kong application approved, so that expatriates and businesses can focus on opportunities within the market.

Let’s find out which visa fits your needs!

Asian Bridge Consulting offers professional visa application services for:

The primary objective behind offering such a premium mix of visa services as a company, is to offer attractive immigration opportunities for all. Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed person, investor, businessman, skilled professional, or student, we offer services to cater to all your needs. Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their career goals by delivering a comprehensive visa service and solution, removing procedural hurdles, and adding value to their cause of enhancing their potential for success. 

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